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Saturday, 4 July 2015

Happy Birthday Dear Naura Nasuha!

Dear Naura Nasuha.. Today is 4th July 2015 which is your special day. Happy 23rd birthday dear.. Today, I wish you a year with lots of fun, excitement and beautiful memories. Happy birthday my dear! Love you..

I remembered the moment on our first meting. You langsung xtengok I and bila I tegur you, you xlayan pon. Haha. Awal2 tu I ingt you sombong taknak kawan dengan I, rupanya you xperasan I. Mungkin suara I slow sangat kot. Btw, after few weeks, we've became best friend. We shared lots of things together. We laughed and cried together. Shared food, drinks and even a blanket and slept together. We used to sit together in the bus during our architrip. All those memories will never be forgotten dear. Thank you for coming into my life and being such a great friend for me. Wishing all the best to you for your 23rd birthday and for your future life.

Love you so much my dear! Hoping that our friendship will be last forever! Hope you enjoy the video I've made for you! Happy birthday!!!