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Friday, 20 May 2011

‘Heavenly Village’

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Anne moved forward to have a closer view of the morning glory flower. She took a few snaps of pictures again before proceeding to the birds nesting ground to take pictures of it. That day was a beautiful day as the birds chirping following the morning museum. With a camera hung around her neck, Anne sat on her bicycle to continue her journey.

Anne-Maria Mutler was born and grew with an unusual disease which unable her to grew up normally like other people. The ‘unable’ does not mean that she cannot but just could not for if she does, death will took on her life. Anne’s parents, Joseph Mutler and Natalie-Rose Mutler tried to ‘delay’ her maturity by giving her all kind kinds of little girl’s accessories; from Hello Kitty hairclips to Barbie dolls. Because of ‘delaying’ of Anne’s maturity was a success, her growth followed as she did not grew up and have a physical look like a girl. Even so, deep inside Anne’s heart, she really wanted to become mature like other girls who when to high school and go shopping with their best friends. In order to continue her life, Anne was forced and had to ‘stay’ as a girl.

Whilst remembering the thoughtful memories of hers, Anne’s bicycle suddenly went into a puddle of mud. Anne could not control her bicycle so she fell into it. Then, there was a teenage boy who just passed by to the girl stopped and went back to the girl. He helped the girl to get up. This is the first time Anne saw the boy. “Be careful next time.” The boy continued his jogging.

Sighed, Mark Abraham continued his jogging without even care so much about the girl behind him. “Until when I will stay in this incognito village?”. This university boy went to the village to shed the sadness in his heart. His birthday is going to be held in another few days. If only Tania Lisa is here.

Mark is now studying at University of Birmingham. Not like any other boys, Mark rather having a girlfriend with books than real girls. But, for the first time in his life, he fall in love with a girl named Tania Lisa, who was the most beautiful girl in the university. It all started when Mark was failed on searching to find reference book of Science Technology at bookstore and library. Then, Tania lent her reference book to Mark when she knew that Mark is in need of the book. Starting from the day, the image of Tania Lisa always kept fluttering in his mind. To shows his dignity towards the girl, Mark suppressed his proposal to the girl in front of everybody. Rejected, Mark when to a village named ‘Heavenly Village’ as people told stories that the village can give happiness to anybody went there. His wish is only one, to get happiness there.

In her nice room, Anne sat on her bed, trying to remember the image of the boy who helped her a few days ago. She felt very happy since the day. When she remembered the boy, her heart beat faster. This was the first time she felt like admiring someone. She knew that the feeling will kill her but she cannot throw away her feeling. She will struggle to find more details about the boy.

On the next day, Anne went to the park which the place she saw the boy for the first time. Gratefully, the boy was there. She moved nearer towards the boy and try to started the conversation. “Thank you for saving me that day, big brother”. Surprised, Mark tried to remember the girl in front of him. “Oh, of course I remember a cute girl like you”, Mark answered. Both of them did not realize that the moment was started of their precious friendship.

Everyday, Anne meet Mark at the same place, on the same time. Mark will usually bring Anne stroll around the park while Anne ride a bicycle to followed him.

One day, Anne decided to ask Mark whether he had any girlfriend. “I like one girl which is studying at the same university with me. Her name is Tania Lisa Montaz. She was the most beautiful girl I ever met. That was the first time I fall in love to a girl. But, unfortunately, my love was rejected. That is why I went here to find happiness. But I will make sure that she will be mine one day”.

“Forget her”, interrupt Anne. She quickly stood in front of Mark when he was still walking. “I can take her place in your heart. And I promise that I will be the most beautiful girl that you ever met”. Mark was stunted. ‘Ah, kid. She just make fool of me’, he said to himself and continue their walk.

The day had finally came. Anne put on her best dress to take Mark’s heart away from him. When Anne was busy posing in front of the mirror, suddenly Natalie entered into her daughter’s room. She was shocked to see her daughter wearing the beautiful dress with make up on her face. Natalie smile and she approached her little girl to tie her hair. Natalie allowed Anne to go to Mark’s birthday party. Anne felt very happy as a girl who was in love. As Anne was out of the house, Natalie saw her daughter with tears ponding in her eyes. She knew that the time between she and her daughter almost come to the end.

Everybody was dancing happily at the party. So do Anne. She danced happily with other villagers who also attended the party. Then, the prince of Anne’s heart finally came out. He looked really handsome. Anne went in front of Mark and give present that she made to him. Mark opened the present and stumbled when he saw a drawing of himself framed beautifully.

The night grew older. The guests started to wave goodbye. But Anne was still there and sat beside Mark like someone did not want to leave that house. “Big brother, before I go back home, I want you to kiss me, just for a while”; Anne asked Mark to do something that Mark never do. Because of Anne just was a little girl, he gave his first kiss on the cheek of the girl. Anne closed her eyes for a while. When she opened it back, she managed to catch a glimpse on Mark who looked stumbled and holding his lips. “Thank you”, Anne said and quickly ran out of the house.

A few months had passed and still mark did not give up on search for his true love, Anne. Even Mark cannot explain why he can fell in love to an eight years old girl when he was already eighteen years old. His search started from that night. The night when he kissed Anne. Mark tried to catch Anne hand that night but it was just waste of time. However, since the day, Mark always received letter from Anne. Not too long, just a simple message like “How are you?” and “what are you doing?”. These letters were delivered everyday without any address or details about where she went or what she did.

One day, Mark was approached by an unknown woman. The woman said “say no more and just follow me. You will understand”. It seems that Mark have seen the woman before. Without thinking too much, Mark followed the woman until they went into a coffee house. The woman introduced herself as Natalie Mutler. “I am Anne’s mom”. Mark startled and quickly asked “where is Anne?”, without noticed everybody was staring at him. “Read this letter, you will get the answer for your question”, Natalie pulls out a letter her handbag. Without saying a word anymore, she stood up, said “thank you” and leave.

On his way home, Mark was anxious to know the contents of the letter. Even though he promised himself that he will read the letter at his home, his curiously had quickly forced him to open the letter. With stumbled hands, he opened it and started to read it.

"Dear Mark, I am sorry that I have left you without any single word. I never expected that the night when you kissed me was the last time that we met. I though I could live longer, maybe two or three weeks but the doctor told me that I could stay for only seven days. So, I supposed that being apart with you is the best way to not to threaten your heart and mine too.
I am also sorry that I did not tell you the truth of my age and my condition. The truth is, I am seventeen years old. The reason that my physical condition was as petite as eight years old was because I suffered from a genetic mutation that unlet me to grow up. If I do, death is what I will face.

So, my parents ‘taught’ me to stay as a child by giving me little girl’s dresses and teddy bears. But, my love to you and the kiss you gave me that night had dumped me into the greatest pain that I have ever had; death. Even so, this pain had also give me the greatest experiences of growing up and falling in love.
The letters that you received everyday was not fake. The letters were really hand-written by me during the days before my death. I have asked my mother to send the letters to you to give joy and happiness to you. I am sorry if I had giving you hope to see me standing alive.

If you have time, do come to my gallery where I had framed our sweet memories together. I hope that you can come. The gallery is at the back of my house, deep into the forest. Lastly, please find my bracelet which I had lost on your birthday night. It was precious, so I hope that you can keep it. I love you".

With love,

Without himself noticed, Mark’s tears rolled down his cheeks. He never realized that his action of kissing Anne will let to her death. Quickly Mark folds the letter and put in his pocket and ran to Anne’s house. He went to the back of the house and saw a path that lead I into the thick forest like it had been swept regularly. He ran into the forest by following the path which finally directs him to cozy beautiful gallery. He went in and tried to find a switch. He clicked it and surprised to see Anne’s beautiful master piece framed and hung on the walls of the gallery.

Mostly, there were pictures of nature that were taken by Anne. Mark stepped forward into the gallery and saw the pictures of birds, mountains and flowers. Mark was puzzled, ‘where are the memories that she had mentioned in the letter?’. Suddenly he saw a door right at one of the corners of the gallery. Slowly he opened the door and surprised to see picture of him and Anne at the walls of the walls at the room. He walked slowly and took a long glimpse at those pictures. Sweet memories come in and out his mind.

Finally, his eyes filled with astonishment when he saw a beautiful woman with perfect complexion framed at the end of the room. Mark never saw a beautiful woman like her. But who is she? Mark question finally revealed when he looked at the bottom part of the picture. It was written, ‘In memories. Anne-Maria Mutler’. Mark stunted. He recalled back the day when Anne promised that she will be the most beautiful woman that Mark ever met. And now, she fulfilled her promised. Suddenly, the tears ponding once again in his eyes. Then Mark promised to himself that he will never erase his feeling to his true love, Anne-Maria Mutler.

#This love story was made by me and my classmate, Nur Annisa bt Azman during we were in form 5 which is in year 2009.. Anis helped me to improved my English in writing.. So, this story is made up by me with Anis's helps.. Thanks to her.. =)

Thursday, 19 May 2011


CINTA amat mahal takrifnya,
Itulah yang difitrahkan oleh Alah kepada hambanya.
CINTA hanya tertulis pada perkataan,
Tetapi gagal dilihat pada zahirnya.
Kerana CINTA itu tanggungjawab di mana wujudnya kesetiaan dan kejujuran di dalamnya.
Ingat pada yang satu,
Jujur pada yang setia,
Setia pada yang kasih,
Kasih pada yang rindu,
Rindulah pada yang menyayangimu.
CINTA takkan dapat kalau tak dicari,
CINTA takkan dapat kalau tiada yang memberi.
Tapi jangan sesekali khianati CINTA,
Sekali dikhinati,
Selamanya terasa....

10 pesanan Imam Shafie yang perlu diikuti...

Sebelum Imam Shafie wafat, beliau sempat berpesan kepada muridnya serta umat islam umumnya. berikut adalah kandungan wasiat tersebut: ” Barangsiapa yg ingin meninggalkan dunia dlm keadaan selamat maka hendaklah ia mengamalkan 10 perkara:

  1. Hak kpd diri: mengurangkan tidur, mengurangkan makan, percakapan dan berpada-pada dgn rezeki yg ada. 
  2. Hak kpd malaikat maut: mengqadakan kewajipan2 yg tertinggal,mendapatkan kemaafan dr org yg dzalimi, membuat persediaan utk mati dan merasa cinta kpd ALLAH 
  3. Hak kpd kubur: membuang tabiat suka menabur fitnah, tabiat kencing merata-rata, memperbanyakkan solat tahajjud dan membantu org yg dizalimi. 
  4. Hak kpd Munkar dan Nakir : tidak berdusta, berkata benar, meninggalkan maksiat dan nasihat menasihati. 
  5. Hak kpd mizan(neraca timbangan amalan pada hari kiamat): menahan kemarahan, byk berzikir, mengikhlaskan amaln dan sanggup menahan kesulitan. 
  6. Hak kpd sirat(titian yg merintangi neraka pada hari kiamat): mmbuang tabiat suka mengumpat, warak, suka membantu orang beriman dan suka berjamaah. 
  7. Hak kpd Malik(malaikat penjaga neraka): menangis lantaran takutkan ALLAH s.w.t, berbuat baik kpd ibu bapa, bersedekah ketika terang-terangan serta sembunyi dan memperelokkan akhlak. 
  8. Hak kpd Ridhzuan(malaiakt penjaga syurga): merasa redha kpd qadha’ ALLAH, bersabar menerima bala, bersyukur ke atas nikmat ALLAH dan bertaubat dr melakukan maksiat. 
  9. Hak kpd Nabi MUhd SAW: berselawat ke atasnya, berpegang dgn syariat, bergantung kpd al sunnah (hadith), menyayangi para sahabat dan bersaing dlm mencari kelebihan dari ALLAH. 
  10. Hak kpd ALLAH s.w.t: mengajak manusia ke arah kebaikan, mencegah dari kemungkaran, menyukai ketaatan dan membenci kemaksiatan.


Tudung wanita itu ada empat… Tudung pada wajahnya, tudung pada mata, tudung pada suara, tudung pada hati. Apa ertinya?

Tudung pada wajah… jangan sampai wajahnya mengundang fitnah. Kecantikan adalah pingitan buat suami, bukan pameran untuk lelaki ajnabi. 

Tudung pada mata… jangan matanya memandang lelaki lain selain muhramnya. Solehah yang hakiki, tidak dipandang, tidak memandang. 

Tudung pada suara… jangan dilunak-lunakkan dengan tujuan memikat dan mempersona. 

Tudung pada hati… mengingati Allah… dengan tasbih Siti Fatimah, subhanallah, alhamdulillah dan Allahu Akbar…

Aku Seorang Kerdil...

Tatkala aku duduk termenung seorang diri,
Sering aku terfikir,
Sempurnakah diriku sebagai seorang insan??
Cukupkah bekalan untuk kubawa ke akhirat nanti??
Apakah aku tergolong dalam golongan yang mendapat syurga??
Atau adakah aku golongan yang mendapat azab??

Ya Allah,
Berikanlah hambamu ini kesabaran dalam menempuhi duniawi yang penuh dengan pancaroba ini....

Duhai teman-teman,
Tolong sedarkan aku andainya aku terleka atau alpa,
Tolong bangunkan aku andainya aku terlena dalam mimpi yang fana,
Tolong ingatkan aku bahawa aku hanyalah HAMBA kepada Maha Pencipta...

Sudah lama aku teleka atas nikmat dunia,
Sudah telalu lama juga aku lupa akan matlamat hidupku di dunia...

Ya Allah, Ya Tuhanku,
Sesungguhnya hamba terlalu kerdil di dunia ini,
Sentiasa melakukan kesilapan walaupun hanya sebesar zarah...
Semoga hamba masih lagi diberi kesempatan untuk tunduk, sujud kepada-MU..